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Return/Refund Policy


    We are working hard every day to make our customers happy. In case of return and refund, please refer to the following policy.

Return Policy

    Due to the nature of our products, we do not typically accept any returns. All sales are final. In case of any dissatisfactions, refunds or discounts will be provided. Please refer to the following policy.

Full Refund 

    We provide a full refund in the following cases:

     - Damaged product during the delivery process. 

     - Incorrect cake flavor.

Partial Refund

     A partial refund is provided in the following cases:

    - Incorrect message on the cake, or incorrect prespecified cake decoration

    - Late delivery after delivery time is agreed upon between AnnTremet and the customer


Our customer service must be notified via text or call within 30 minutes after delivery. Any refund will be processed via the same method the payment was made unless otherwise negotiated upon.


For all refund requests, please contact us through email or call us @ 646-960-6615. 


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