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Frequently Asked Questions

About Ordering Our Products

1. How should I place an order?


    Go check out our Online Store page. We have variety of cakes and desserts in a number of different sections. All products are with pictures and descriptions. Prices varies by size and decoration options. You can toggle different selections to see the final price. After selecting the options you desire for individual product, simply click "Add to Bag" button and follow the check out process.

If you have additional questions, feel free to call us at 646-371-9970 or text us at 646-960-6615 

2. How can I pay?

    If going through the regular online process, you can pay through your Paypal account, credit card. We also accept Venmo and Quickpay/Zelle upon delivery, please text us at  646-960-6615 for Venmo and Quickpay/Zelle info.

3. Can I customize my cake? 

    Of course!! We want to deliver the perfect cake you need! There are 2 scenarios here though:

     - If you like one of the designs we already have in the Online Store, but only want to change color, add message, or change decorations, you can let us know via the comment box right before the "Place Order" button. If there's any additional charge, we will reach out and let you know.

     - If you would like to have us create a new design to fit your need, please email or call us at anntremet@gmail / 646-371-9970 to confirm the details. Once the conversation happens, we will provide you a separate link to place the order.


About Pick Up and Delivery

4. How can I get my cake? 


    We provide both pick up and Delivery services; this can be selected during the check out process. If you are going to pick up the cake from our West Village, NY location, the address is as below:

                                                    47 8th Avenue, New York, NY-10014

    If you would like us to deliver the cake, simply select the shipping/Delivery option at check out. You will need to enter your address and delivery option will pop up for you to select. Please refer to our Delivery Fee page for detailed pricing info. 

5. If I choose the delivery option, what time during the day am I going to receive the cake?


    Our typical delivery time is from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. To be more specific, please refer to the delivery time range below:

                            Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island ------------- 11 am - 4 pm

                            North Jersey, Mid Jersey, Jersey City --------------------  11:30 am - 2 pm

                            Westchester, Connecticut  ----------------------------------   12 pm - 5:30pm

    Given the time range above, please bear in mind that situation may vary from day to day based on weather, traffic conditions et cetera. We will normally confirm with you a one-hour delivery range a day ahead or on the morning of the delivery day. And we will try our best to deliver in the time range we promised.

    If you do need the delivery to happen outside of our typical delivery hours, please contact us ahead of time:

     Call: 646-371-9970

     Text: 646-960-6615


6. If I choose delivery option, but the website shows that delivery is not available to the area, what should I do?


    Our typical delivery range is 1 hour driving distance from our West Village NY location. If your area is outside of the range, chances are we cannot provide the delivery service. In that case you can always choose to pick up the cake.

    We also have a number of products that ships nationwide, i.e. our signature cookie box. Follow our Instagram @anntremet to get the latest product update about shipping. 

    If your address does fall within the 1 hour distance range, please give us a call @ 646-371-9970The system may need an additional entry of your zip code to accommodate the delivery. 


 7. Can I cancel my order and receive a refund? 

Please email for any cancellation request. 

For customized cake, you can cancel 4 days before the delivery/pick-up date, and receive a refund excluding transaction fee charged by payment platforms (typically 3%). Any cancellation, rescheduling that was notified less than the time frame will not receive a refund. 

For cake that's ordered directly online (non-customized cake), you will receive a refund excluding transaction fees if a notice was sent to us 48 hours before the delivery/pick-up date. No refund will be issued if the notice was sent to us less than 48  hours.


We treat every cake order seriously and most of the time we will have to prepare ahead of time to meet an order. Please keep in mind that short notice of cancellation is a waste of our labor that was already devote to the cake.  And in most of the case we may not be able to resell the cake. 

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